Monday, December 28, 2015

Icy Winter Day and which soap to have made

I should say Witch Soap, ha ha ha!

I had a good day. I made some really delicious soap and it turned out so good because I got to use this really thick olive oil from Greece and it always makes for a nice greener looking soap.
I made a  raw cocoa butter and shea oatmeal soap with lavender vanilla and a little bit patchouli. I made it with so much shea butter which was in itself enriched with organic rose hip seed oil and a few other very nice fatty acids.  I also made more patchouli soap. I used really rich glorious patchouli oil, the dark one.

I love oatmeal in a bar of nice creamy soap. I want the lather to be thick and foamy. I love cocoa butter too, it just has to be blended with some nice smelling oils. The last soap I made with cocoa butter didn't even stay on the menu two days. We will see how long this one makes it. I used the last of my vanilla in there because I wanted it to be sweet. I also swirled honey all over the top and allowed that to bake in the soap as goes to gel phase. I really love the way honey smells when combined with other pleasant ingredients that accept honey as a friend.

I am so excited about the season coming. Yes, Happy New Year, and the other one, the sexy one, the one which promises spring and flowers and really good pregnant ideas!

I am working on a new blend with greener notes. I am excited about it because green notes are not the easiest and so we will have an adventure on how many things green I can produce to entice and enrich all of our lives, if only for a brief moment in time.

Green notes can be tricky. In perfumery, they use synthetics and blend them with citrus and bamm!
In natural scents we use green notes from nature, like green tea, like petitgrain and like lemongrass.
I have not always loved the lemongrass but it has its place.

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