Saturday, December 26, 2015

bitchin full moon on christmas

And everyone was amazed that on a holy day we had a Cancer Full Moon.
I did not think too much of it a mystical thing at all, remember that The holy days have changed through the years and not until about 1600 years ago  did The Romans name December 25 as the birth date of Jesus. No one really knows!
They had to unify everyone so they could count them and make them pay taxes to the kings of each generation.

Then, there is the Pope who  says words and claims  things,  like,  why we should have mercy and how we live in access. Coming from the wealthiest little country on earth that is really ballsy to say. the Vatican is shrouded in secrecy and pagan rituals and has more money than God and yet,  we need to live with less?
I get it. We should have mercy and live with less.
But it does not make us better or closer to salvation.
These ideas are fear tactics made up of men who used this power to control the flock.
When is the last time you saw sheep anywhere?

The sheep
The groups
The people

Ah, I will stop.

People get all hurt when you point out obvious flaws in the whole Jesus thing.
We are pagans though and if you believe that mythical being exist and can help you, then who am I but someone who does not believe in angels.
I never saw a winged creature floating in the sky. No, I never have! How about you?

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