Thursday, February 18, 2016

How real is real Reflections On The Year of The Monkey

I don't know much, you see,  but the lines between right and wrong are thinning.
 The vibe is in a rushed and emotional state because ....

The Year Of The Monkey!

emo (rants, indignance)
fast talk (shedding lies as if water flowing)
bad nerves ( scratching your ass wondering if someone will help)
bad words (striking aimlessly with false or ignorant claims)
insults (snake poison vibrations in your heart)
silver back (worthy leadership, knowing your place)
hierarchy (worthy words which (witch) enlighten)
alpha types (the teachers who teach by learning)


And then, the evolution begins in our minds. We suffer and learn or kill each other. Monkey bites are horrid and can even kill a man to death! lol
You see, we must accept that we are part of nature and a part of everything on earth. That is above all that matters..
However we were seeded here through stars living and dying is a reflection of something greater than this simple place we exist in, this home, place of work, this seat here in this oh so fragrant space.
I look at us from the outside for a reason. Someone has to. You want to go sometime and see what there is from a higher tree. Yes! Let's!

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