Saturday, February 20, 2016

The seeds that actually sprout

I am all excited because Spring is almost upon us and that means fresh air and and outdoors. Enough with the dragging of winter, I say!
Enough with dragging yourself through the anger and contempt of stale wintry ideas. Enough with the hurt ass. Be smart right now not after the bad is over. That would like God, showing up after the accident to give hope. Like, The Pope, having clout over his dominion, ha ha! That is very funny.
ha ha ha ha He forgot that the church is not in control unless you are very poor and destitute, then the crowds come.
I can't help it some days.
I do read the news and try not to get involved. I try! LOL

I am involved in a deeper sense, involved and comited to in my future business and what I want here on earth, like right now, today.
I am thinking it is time to be a big girl..(scared pause)0)) okay, bigger girl.
It is time to grow up and serve my rare treasures in a better and more refined way.
It has been my goal all along, to improve and become smarter. Why else would I do it?
Because it is all I have? Not!
Because it is a worthy time bending experience? Oh, yes!
Because I like dirt and what comes out of it? Indeed!

I have had to tone down the addiction to make constant new stuff and thangs. This means really focusing on the best ones. My inventory will be as it has been, really amazing oils from dealers who care about each product.
I do not want to cross too many lines but a little bit musk might be in order. we will see and I will always tell you what is up so you are not guessing about animal ingredients.

I hope you have a nice day where you will remember yourself in all things and where you will go over all your boundaries to see where the breach might have been.  Because now, is, the, time, to, change,  and be polite to all people.

"There is only dark meat or white meat"
Rick, TWD

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