Thursday, February 11, 2016

Back to life back to reality

Cells function by a hormonal response that is triggered by the brain. It is like they know where to go and what to become by scent (probably as shown in some cuttlefish and how the make iridescent light) or by a chemical reaction of some sort using enzymes and coenzymes.
It is fascinating and never gets boring. Is it meta physical? No.
It is what it is and what we are, over emotional creatures that have to face trials and tribulations(lol) and various inconvenient situations.
Just be honest to yourself if possible.
 Envy is a horrible beast, horrible, and makes chemicals which can destroy you not only outside where people can see, but inside where your liver is trying to take care of you and all you do is feed is bad adrenal chemicals! That is how lies can destroy and before you know it, at your most seemingly happy state (pretend happy), you break and suffer more.

I am not a philosopher but I have studied enough to know more about myself than ever before. I think astrology helped me in that way. I loved and read every book there was from Liz Green to Robert hand to Steiner and was glorious. And then I did not need that mythology any more to function in the rough and ready real world. Where Jupiter and Saturn are magnetically spinning around the same star as us. There is nothing more profound than the rings of Saturn, nothing any astrologer could ever write about or assign a deity to. 
Enough deities ruling everything and every one. Rule yourself and stop being so special all the time..ha ha lol

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