Wednesday, February 24, 2016


"Hey, have you gone to that new Arab store, they have olive oil cheap?"
"They had olive oil cheap until they saw me buying gallons every week, then they raised the price, I do not go anymore!"
"Why because Muslim?" He walked up close to me like there was a secret to tell..ha ha Catholic from the same region..God is geography, people live in places therefore people are gods..:)
"no, I hate all the religions the same:) I stopped because he raised the price because he saw me coming every week. the ass!"
yea, only on the one I buy and when I said something, he gave me the price and a pack of gum that day. Juicy Fruit. ha ha ha ha ha
It left me with something odd I must say.
He needs to study retail and how to treat people.
I work retail and man oh man, some days you just are done with requests or to  have another question hurled at you even by the people you love. It is a strain to the mind after the same old music all day and of course the work team and how that effects you..." ah..what, we need a dentist, the electric bill came?"
"Mom, are you listening?"
"yes, tea first and while the water boils, clean the kitchen and work space. "Now..listening"

It has been a nice few days and what a full moon we have had! I looked at it both at night and soon as it sets in the morning before the whole day thing starts. :)

I am of a mind to spit out the stupid stuff and move on from it. How about you? Libras are sure headed to some very profound change and I am glad. We all are ready because if anyone feels discontent fastest it the Libra mind set. We need to be a little bit challenged, it is our best thing.

The full moon is about exposure and no matter how hard you try to hide stuff, it will come out. Thirty years later in some cases and right away for other. Come, it will, truth. I can't hide it  too well and it should be this way, right?
I do not know, I would not just blurt out my deep thoughts to just anyone. Oye, we do not have to say every thought. Or confess every dirty deed. I could care less about dirt. I dig it and will put my hands all in it.
It is who I am..

**expose your inner heart's mind  to yourself right now, what needs to be set aside. Do not carry anger in your mouth, it will rot the words that come out. see?

Right now there is an actual storm brewing and it said to be a big. I am about to make OW balm for a girl who likes her wicked tempting ways..

I am so excited about this last batch too. Aged patchouli, just a perfect amount of bergamot and rose and amber notes all day and tonka and vanilla..neroli..mmmm
The UPS guy doesn't have to come to my back porch to drop off packages,  but he does because he said my house smells so good.
Some days it sure does.
Today is that day. I love you and I thank you loads...

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