Wednesday, February 3, 2016

oh hi


I think my last post came out a little intense and some thought that I was mad.
I am fine..just sayin'..thangs..

I am feeling a surge of growth for myself and it is going to be great.
I hope you also have a wonderful surge of growth and it might make your head hurt a little because your brain is growing new spots with electric responders..about your blast of precious realizations.
What do you find precious, precious?

Sleep, I find sleep to be precious. I sleep for 6 hours no more no less. How about you?
I love sleeping without breaking a sweat. Yea, sleeping without being hot and then too cold because you were too hot. Welcome to The Crone Phase, Anastasia! I am okay, and when the hot and cold things comes, I simply decide to get up and do stuff because who wants to roll around being dissatisfied and frustrated..non! Get up plan, smell your blends, realize stuff and thangs..thangs..thangs...but, that is just me. How about you?

**you can't say your kids because the obvious should be, lover, a nice home life..

Good vanilla! I love them all and find vanilla to be precious and worthy of me and me worthy of her. I love her, but if we are talking oils, I find them all so  precious, and magical. I do!
Not magic as in fairies, magic as in, "wow, these are atoms and thangs doing this?"
It is amazing and don't ask me to explain it all, who am I, Luca?

I want to say books..okay, I will say books..not some conspiracy theories that proclaim things without evidence. That is what the internet brought to us, everything! Goat's  milk does not cure cancer, okay! It might help you feel better.
 Read about real things so you can be well informed and then, read about fantasies.
I like real and find the truth to be precious.

I love and find my customers to be precious..having customers means being able to buy more vetiver and that makes me very happy.
Having customers means exploring new ingredients, I find that to be precious..Having contacts with bridges of unity binding us, oh yea, it is is!

It is four in the morning and I am making creams and anointing compounds..

Om, to a precious and worthy life!

**"thangs" is a term from when Rick says "thangs" on The Walking Dead.. who's going to die next?
Abraham, Daryl, or Maggie?
Soon, my preciouses, soon!

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