Wednesday, February 10, 2016

drama you say? Mars in scorpio, whooosh!

Yes, there has been a whole lot of fast emotional energy and it whooshed in and out so fast that the lower unevolved types just had a hayday..dude, I am  a messenger not a prophet!

Okay, maybe a little bit of a prophet. :)
What is a prophet anyhow? A poet who makes up images for us of the air of the day and how we ultimately need more love, more patience and more honesty.
Yea, I want that.  I want more of that too and also a million dollars and I do dream about what I would do if I had it.  I would pay off my house and give some to the girl in Costa Rica who really needs it and I would retire and make soap..
Oh, wait, that is mostly my plan now and I am fine. I help my family and my  family helps me. we do that because my mom raised us not to mince words and be foolish with our choices. Okay, my brother has been a fool and I have been foolish more than once..all true!

Now for those of us who walk around in guilt wrapped in indignance, do not even attempt to "fool" me with it. I am not someone you can toy with! I guess everyone finds that out once in a while..
It happens. I am so sweet most of the time and so fun and so wonderful, right? You want to see Kali> Come over here when one of kids has been naughty..ha ha ha ha

I mean they hated Jesus in his own home town, who am I?
I am not him so do not attempt to even try  to think about crucifying me..that old human quality must be done away with. One squashing of a truth sayer is not going to stop ideas and the actual truth. It always unfolds before us and we must use real words to describe it.
Do you know what I am saying? If not, I understand.

I am reeling from it, yes, but I am not the only one. We all have had to face something rare and real at this moment, all of us. I have seen more police cars in the neighborhood driveways this week and more than any other week. Interesting.

Do I look at astrology to see what has propelled this trend?
A whole lot of Capricorn and a little  bit Mars in Scorpio..Whoosh!!  Backstabbing and dirty little secrets?  I guess, but really, we all have a chance to rise above the fray and look at things the way  they are, not some made up dream life.
I will stop, and go with my day and I hope you do too, because if you don't, I am gonna spank you!

I gots to go read this perfume book with no pictures.

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