Friday, February 26, 2016

no events for me?

"I have these tickets to a thing, do you want to go?"
"no, I am making soap,tonight babe, you can come over if you want to."
"if you had given me notice before now, I would have"
"soap waits for no man" was my thought.

And made soap I did.. The time lord like he always should be.
I bought four ounces and all but one, are gone. How much in a brick of soap, then?
Lets us say 2ish because I used some in the ghost too.
They are so good. So so good.

Who wouldn't want to wash with frankincense?
I love it so much because it puts a base for other things to settle in and the fats are just right.
I have tried to review in my mind how I feel when I use frankincense. Boswellic acid being the main constituent here..I know people eat it. I would rather steam or massage, but hey, who am I to say? Someone who does not need to be a  club..I guess that is it..and what is really so wrong about a few ladies chitchatting about essential oils? Nothing, women have done these things throughout all time, I love that part and it is better than a tupperware party or stripper birthday parties I was invited to in the 1990's..ha ha ha ha lol I went, yo!
The other day it kind of opened my mind a little, not a lot, but a little,..if you have a bad health problem would you inject frankincense oil like that young living guy does in Mexico? I mean, yes, I would, I think, no, sighing..

So a drop on the roof of your mouth hugh? I mean yea, one time a year..I will apply a drop right on my knees for the day and night. I love it. I will put a drop on the base of my neck, by the medula oblongada. It is a beautiful thing!
 Is eating oils a thing now? How will this effect aromatherapy which has been studied for years? Will lavender become mass produced  and owned by Monsanto?  No. There are plenty of places that grow the end people either love essential oils or they do not. (** all the lavenders from different places smell completely different from one to another..another amazing thing!)
In time...
 I feel it will keep the lovers of oils and  thin out folks who do not have money to drink prepared lemonade with lemon oil at what 4 or 5 dollars each? I had a lavender drink one time, at a restaurant made with an herbal infusion and it was good..I just love tea and not flavored. I am so weird like that.

I love everything, you see? I love the olive oil I get to choose for us, all from small farms and not a refinery.
I use a nice organic coconut oil. It really does matter for the lather to have just enough cream to foam ratio. If I could and it were just wild of me, I   would use more expensive fats, but my balance of essential oils to fats must be well met. Good fats/fine essential oils..
Smell everything and see how you feel.
 I would love to have more butters from other islands on Earth. babassu is nice. I mean, babassu is nice to say too. It does trigger a thought of islands and tropical places. Have you ever tried the actual oil? Gorgeous and coconutty! Marula from South  Africa too! I love it. Nothing beats organic jojoba though. And remember how jojoba has no odor of its own. Not much anyhow. Rose hip oil? Potent, right? I can smell it on everyone who uses it for day time. Daytime, night time, who cares! I just want to make good stuff.

About 80% essential oils  with local beeswax and waiting...

It has become a jelly like substance which easily breaks down in to almost nothing on the skin. It is not only interesting with the oils I chypre meets frankincense! There still specs of oakmoss. I did not stain it yet...interesting and smells like, Goddess of Air meets Yggdrasil..

This is why I must get better organised and serve my little soap shop in the best way it can go. what is that, something grand? I do not know..I know this my ideas just glow
with rich colorful atoms traveling in waves just like sound..sound..words and invocations is what I like to push through
each time, your scent lingering and blending with the "spiritual" "air" that atoms create..your atoms, my atoms, they must be doing something together right about now?

Babassu babeness is on my mind now...actually..:)

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