Tuesday, February 2, 2016

cruz over trump?

Sanders just a wee bit behind Hilary..things are heating up and I don't really want to say too much but I would rather have Trump than Cruz..

Yea, the next time you need a cure for cancer or to fix a ridiculously common sense problem of water and lead and poison on children, just vote for a guy who kneels to pray instead of a scientist who can detect chlorine stabilizers (poison) and lead in your drinking water..
That will fix it! These are the kind of people who believe in religious freedom as long as it is christian..of course, that can never be denied, it is un christian. Not to say that any one of them except for Bernie and you all know this, he will not kneel, he will go where the problem is and be civilized, smart and patient, and choose what is best, not what is good to a few. Flint, Michigan is a prime example of lazy, uncaring buffoons running city governments. 

Oh well, I am not a citizen so  I can remain blissfully ignorant and not really too effected personally. 
Unless you consider the all to subtle changes in how much I, we,  are paying for dental care because insurance became so complicated! I never did not like Obama,I was, tolerant to a degree because he is simple, but to be actually punished financially because you do not apply to this health caret thing he directed..I hate it! We have always had national health care, it was called medicaid..what happened? Nothing, same old paperwork and personal involvement in our personal matters..same old marijuana laws, it is legal, it is not legal..all I know is that even if you have your card and think you are legal, you may be subject to raids and harassment. And that always costs you big bucks.

I do not really want all that phoney bull shit like in the above  picture. Cruz is just a as ruthless as Trump and more so because he got to the heart of many religious people here in the US who think the earth is 6000 years old and that is it. God made us! 

Evolution is real! It is over and yet, you have these clowns kneeling and praying..for what I wonder, world peace? Well,  as long as it remains Christian, every one else can go to =hell= because they already are going I suppose! To live with The Divine Scapegoat for eternity in a hot place with snakes and stuff..

"Er, we have flown near Saturn and  have pictures that our computers took. Look there is water all over the solar system and comets are water and dust and stuff.."

"Well, You are dumb and will suffer in hell, dummy,  God made it and it happened a short time ago and let us pray now for the starving war ravaged places we shot up and blew up with our modern weaponry made by engineers.."

ha ha ha

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