Thursday, February 25, 2016

thank you for time lord

I made this soap a long time ago because of The Doctor! Doctor Who? David Tennant and maybe Christopher Eccleston, not Matt Smith although I loved him so much and not the new guy..
My Doctor and my feeling of what a divine time traveler would smell like was David Tennant.

The Doctor smells like heavenly stability in the face of terror and he is not always kind but he does what needs done. I  wanted to be like him so much. I am like him but in the human sense and with only one heart. Two hearts? I wonder if creatures in binary star systems might  have two hearts?

Time Lord Soap

A Frankincense and Cedarwood experience. And, I feel like a nice balm would go really well with this as a gift. There should be little vials of love as an extra sometimes.

Time Lord

The Doctor's Wife is another thing altogether. She, The Tardis..ah what would she smell like? Super smart must smell like something..citrus, air, electric currents, old world flair, musky amber..and secrets behind nooks and crevices, intelligent wording to attract the best as she guides him (the doctor)with intent...
It has been on my mind.
The Doctor's Wife
She said, she said to him, "hello" whahhhhhhh!

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