Tuesday, February 9, 2016

it is about me I write because of me not you not them

Sometimes, them, because when things need to be talked about in my brain, I will write it down here. Now this seems to be inspiring for some and some just go here to see if I am talking about them.
I am!
It is my blog for a reason! My Blog. I need to say it because it is mine and this is the way I cope with my life and daily doings.
To say that I am emotional is to say that I am emotional. So what?
It is good, I think.
It makes us all think about people and how they make up things in order to avoid shame..in my latest scathing post, "slut shame"..
How wicked people are that that will inflict that on themselves and then, on the very next guy  who seems to be weaker than they are.
Just so you know if you still think, I am weak in any way because I am so emotional or worse yet, some other insult you may have stored away just for me..well..yuk. An insult is not an argument..
I do digress...

Slut Shame is wicked in so many ways.
A human adult, if they want to, should have sex and as much as they want, and in any way they like..period..
Slut shaming them is low and unevolved and also makes for the platform of judgement based on what is moral now, what the church has laid out and maybe your mom..
I do tell my daughters..
"do not waste your sex juice with just any person, casting stones to see if this one will catch, it takes away from your witch female power and then you do become weak because your mind is diverted to a debauchery state"
"Debauchery you say, mommy?"
"Yes, and once you get into debauchery, it is hard to get out, you forget yourself, your adrenals get weak from so much liquor and pot, or what ever drug you use when in a debauchery state and then you continue this way..draining yourself of common sense and ultimately crying a lot"
"oh, mom, you are do dramatic when you speak to us."
"I know child, but the truth is like a sword and one must be pierced time and time again in order to work it out and also, it hurts everyone the same."

Slut shame..this is why we hate fags and sluts and bitches and whores and witches and lesbians because of course they go together..it is just what a slut shamer would say!
They make up names to hurt the ones they secretly have disdain for. they spew out insults rather than see the truth before them and ultimately maybe even have become insidious and punish using tricks and underhanded approaches to gain satisfaction by revenge and name calling!
It is insidious, really.
And I continue to write and speak my mind because I must.

You see..I must.

**I am free and freedom is slavery and war is peace..
ha ha ha
George orwell said it and I like it!

 "war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength" 
1984 George Orwell

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