Wednesday, February 17, 2016

To all you all who doubted Rick all this time..ha...nasty reviewers Episode 9 Season 6 SPOILERS DAHLING

I know it is their job, but when reviewers say things about The Walking Dead, they have to. They have to hurry up and watch and be first to say stuff.
I need to mull things over and think about what can happen. What has happened, and then weigh out the evidence. With real life too.
You know I get like Rick more than Daryl..I am more like Rick and fcking Carol when it comes to practical issues. Except, taxes and economics..that makes me mad and edgy.
But Rick has more than tax issues to worry about and fix.
He is in a bad spot because, Morgan and  no one would listen. He coaxed and cried and yelled and almost had to kill  some of them for them to learn. And the weak ones still died. They had to learn or die.
Learn..that, bad things are out there and you may be one of them.
You may be a zombie brain eater because it is the easiest way for you to live this life here as this creature. Sucking off of anyone who gets close enough and then at the last moment striking like a snake and you bite the closest person next to you just so you can be fed in that one spot.
fucking zombies..ahhhh ahhhh life..ahhhhh

I digress..
As we can recall when they were relatively safe in the house, that fcking Ron bitch just couldn't be normal and nice and he  had to have a fight where he almost killed Coral and  fcking shit, the zombies got in..

(in human terms and reality, those zombies  would be the guilt, anger, drugs, sex, super emotional political affiliations, your gods... and utter hate you may carry around like one of them, piss off, all of it! I want to live!)

Ron in the end couldn't even rise above this horrid situation a little bit and Jessie, a bad mom all day and giving looks to my Rick like that? No way. Rick is mine, I want to show him the future. lol ha ha
So, the kid who should have listened to his mom and she should have dragged him to the safe place where  the baby was going, with her hand on his mouth, and then  she should should have given him a what for, but she let him make his own decision.."no, mom, I won't leave you"
"not, okay!"
Michonne, once again, has shown herself to be a true Ninja! One who knows when to kill. My Michonne, you are a goddess! Did you see at the end how she held that baby as if she is so in love with her and Rick and the whole relationship is right between them?? He can trust her with his life and his family. I love loyalty, it is a beautiful thing even in the center of chaos.

I want to talk about Daryl. He is really something, right? It is exactly as it should have been. There was a very good reason why Abraham (ginger boy) found that big gun thing!
"Oh, Yea, chew on this!"
I loved the connection between Sasha and Ginger boy..dude, she likes him! I am really loving the thing between them and Sasha is smoking hot!
I am not gay but dang, I love a strong and talented woman, no matter her color.

Carol, though, I struggle, Did she  basically kill that boy with her words? It took him longer that if she had shot him near flowers but the seed of fear she planted in that boy Sam, is a little insidious. She had to do it? Man she is cold. No wonder she is so upset right now. Everyone has to find ways to cope, but when what needs done, needs done, she sets her angst aside to do the works that needs done..I love her bravery and willingness to be insidious if it means to  not be afraid. And yet, one must reflect on one's motives, that is mindfulness that is what should always be honored.
People do not and they suffer or die.
Carol will not die, I hope not, she is so real to me.

There is so much to say about this episode. Like how Morgan will develop this character or is he destined to die in the place of some comic book character Kirkman may have written.? I do not know. I know that Morgan was kind of right about things but he just couldn't adjust. He is the reason the zombies split from the herd and came to town!
He learned by embracing  religious rules (from a psycho who staved a man to death)!!
There are no rules in this apocalypse. There are baddies out there with no moral code to begin with so it just goes more bad from there. Truth!
Do you know who adjusted? The priest. He finally shed his guilt and anger and took up a real sword not just words from a book. He just  had to mention how God gave them the miracle of courage.
Look he is a priest, it is what they say. :)
The wolf guy redeemed himself before god just in time (is he saved?) and then he died! LOL
Denise was okay from that. She got her shit together fast and became a doctor instead of oatmeal girl kisser..and is right now fixing Coral.

What an awesomely awesome show!

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