Friday, February 19, 2016

The Year Of The Monkey Ideas and Defining Yourself

I will daily define myself by the things I love.

The monkey must have his boundaries. It is an essential part of the tribe and its smooth harmony. Also, The Mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, is very important in Monkey culture. Yes, there is an alpha leader but women are among the most in numbers and run the show. It is cool. And the theme of women being empowered in our society is cool.

 I will love that!

When you define yourself by the things you hate and not the things  you love, you are going to be in turmoil and sadness your whole life. By your whole life, I mean now.

One time, when I was starting out at my job, I was still fresh out of the wild life in the jungle and a little scared and the girl who was supposed to be my boss, was showing me her "pet peeves" about how she like the vitamin jar to be just at the edge of the shelf and how she likes things done.
I was quiet for a reason that day, I can tell you. I was quiet because we lived with monkeys and lizards and she is worried about the thin line of how a jar should sit on the shelf. I think I was stunned by the triteness of it.
I made sure I was keeping in line with the line.
Later she was fired for a drug problem because it seemed she was mastering and the practice of other thin white lines..
I saw it happen over a short period of time. I liked her well enough, but we never got close.
An over compensation towards the tiny things while overlooking the big
What struck me then was the smallness of it all and how complicated the thing is.
There are rules and just because one eats brown rice, that does not mean they are good, wise, loyal and caring.
It means they eat well and evolve in their own way.
Drugs help everything..
There are bad ones, yea?

You are defined by your behaviors and your words.
I want mine to be good and mellow not some fcked up mess of a song I keep singing. That will not happen because I never do sing a dry song for too long.
I want to enjoy a cup of tea and rejoice about my daily doings.
I want to experience truth in every form even if it means I must change.
I must change again my babies. You must change again. You know it, it will happen from right under you if you waste too much time with nonsense, silly intrigue or time wasting hanging out..

I have been changing all along and you may have been with me the whole way like my children who are all so awesome and lovely, to my readers who visit and might cry over some poignant thought I may have invoked.

I will daily define myself by the things I love.

Today I will list my shallow things I love.

I love the walking dead and well, I love you, always.

I love salad
A nice coffee
That stupid show I am watching called, The Originals,
The Old Whore and oh, I forgot to tell you.
I joined a new lovely market place place on line, called,
I looks nice and clean and I will maybe have a little more broader "cast" for my old whore.
I have a nice brew of her wickedness brewing just now. It is already about six months old because I keep tweaking it. Yesterday I put more neroli and tonight I will add a triple rose brew I just bought from Eden.
I should say that this old whore is really special and rare and I will express that in the way you "will" feel after a wash.
"mmmm, that is nice on me, yea!?"

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