Monday, February 22, 2016

whispering contests

more to keep the thoughts empty
to not feel
to be free from doubt
from worry
from loneliness
and sorrow
or hunger

think of hope in its truth
that everyday is a chance
a chance to be exceptional
to work
to fail and open your eyes from your eyes to fullness
to focus on the tasks and not the hate
but to love everything you choose to do
everything you are is  is now. Not yesterday, now. You brought it all here now..yea.. You are breathing each breath as cells reawaken in to something rare more rare still in the next moment..say words that define you, say what you really think..
brighten your brain will fullness of life and knowledge..

It is not a contest anyhow not for believing or not to be believing
not for fighting over the right
not worrying about every wrong
being real

our ideas now,
It does not change a thing of what we are.
we are whatever we are..

There is only time between us and what is out there. It may seem like a long time but it is not even a speck of a flash
and terror can come in a flash just the same
keeping us awake or making us so tired and upset over things we seem to have no control of..
we do

we can be kind
I wish this..

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