Sunday, February 14, 2016

I went and smelled perfume

"blah", "oh no" and ohhhh

John Varvatos or something in the bottles.
Beautiful and also yea, beautiful..nice..

"That is not real!!" I want to scream all those words but keep coming back to smell that interesting thing I smelled..was, is, atoms composed in a lab over benzine? I don't think all of it. I got so excited  I get it now, benzaldehyde..ha! the faks! Yes my friends, everything starts with this in most common of smells and lotions you might buy that smell of vanilla..humph! It is easy to turn around your back on what is right, isn't it?
I would say most common scents use chemicals, I can tell by the headache. This ones I smelled by John Varvatos, were nice..mmm, so creamy and smooth too. I loved one that smelled like amber and wood but also like soft citrus. And then, after a while they all smelled mostly the same and I left the store just happy as a keen dog, wagging my tail of contentment at how wonderful knowledge can be. I could recognize the layers and that is good.

I put on citrus yesterday because I had to make butters for someone with lime and pink grapefruit and then I just put neroli over all of me. I had to because I had some! So, then after that I put on OW chypre I have been working on. Just a few dabs before work. It is never perfect to me so I adjust here and there....everyone said I smell like expensive rare lady used the word French" to me! :)
It was a combination of everything, I know. It also takes a whole lot of vanilla...mmm vanilla good. Good neroli not some dry ass petitgrain. I love dry ass petitgrain mind you, but not, I'm in winter :)and the sun is shining. I need warm and sweet. Not too much!

I have come to many conclusions.. that in time there is nothing instantaneous and it is always built on something and never just appears out of nowhere. Also, some things are hard to shed like the time I added so much choya loban as to ruin everything..
"How do I fix this?"
You stop and leave it be, I thought to my self. I waited weeks and then I added dragons blood and cooked everything slow in hot water for three woke the frankincense resin so that it could escape some of its own tar created by baking in the choya. I then dumped a bunch of vetiver, og, bergamot, and  I waited.
It was during a time when one of my vendors had had a sale on  neroli and I bought about a half ounce and dumped the whole thing in there. just always leave a drop or two for yourself and the blessing to what you find precious, it should be you.
The mind is very easy to manipulate in this way.
What do you find precious?
Say it every day because otherwise no one will know what is on your mind and of course you'll waste a bunch of time.
Everything works that way and we forget that.
The older a perfume the better then?
I do not know..I think some oils will turn in super cold temperatures or too much heat.
 Balance in all things.

Here is an idea of what the old whore blend is built on..

and some deep dark  secrets you should never tell as to thin their power..dive deeply now and know your own old whore power..

I love everything!
I love you!

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