Sunday, February 28, 2016

As Spring Begins and me with some dam fine rose oil...Rick and Michonne banging and stuff and thangs..

This is a newer and more profound version of Lilith. Fragrant does not begin to describe her fantastic tenacity and glorious skin loving qualities. The glaze is 100% perfume and it provides for extra shot of tenacity of scent after the shower.

And as  Rick is comfortable in his new love affair~family affair with Michonne, and he still cannot rest and just hang out.. we, here, in the non apocalyptic world(maybe) that we, must learn and grow and that makes our brain work and hurt and all that stuff and we must not forget our constant diligence towards our best things.
My brain is working and wanting more for Chi..khi, k hhhh ii. "Chi" means many things and it represents many things about being human and what we are and our energy force and how it all works.

I am reminded about that I must use better words. I must be happy. I must create  and I will try not to cringe if I see Rick kissing that goddess. She rocks (Michonne) to me as a woman and athlete.

Can I just talk about pink lotus with fougere in soap? OMG, babies, OMG!
Sometimes this soap comes out too much geranium and nothing else and I have been really working on the proper balance of oils in order to construct  my version of a woodland fern hollow with a stream near by and watery flowers in the quiet parts of a pond or quiets parts of a stream.

Moss, pink lotus, lavender, patchouli, tonka, fir balsam ( abit), vanilla, geranium..sigh, I love it, I have to say!

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