Friday, February 12, 2016

hello my lovies and let us talk bout requests

I get requests all the time to make blends that people might have dreamed up or just know that they need certain oils in their life right now.
In the past I would rush to the vendor and buy what was needed to make any special blend. Like the time I made that narcissus thing and spend like 400 dollars and the girl said it smelled like gasoline.
I was pissed at myself for rushing and spending money on one or two 20.00 dollar sales out of a 400.00 dollar blend.
I must calm down and not rush. I get so excited, see? I practiced not rushing  all last year and it has worked out. I still make expensive blends when I create..Like The Old Whore is expensive and so are many other rare treasures I provide.

It is the one timers that you never forget and they can never be recreated. Some can, but others, well, cannot be done. I can't ever go back to the state of mind I was in when working with a particular blend. I have tried writing a recipe down too. It just does not fit right the next time.
The OW is like that too. She just gets better with time and adjusts to every change with grace and poise.
I have really come up with something interesting and super cool with her.
I wanted to make TOW..linger where later you might get a vetiver vanilla whiff or a patchouli whiff and maybe a a secret atom just get you just so and you smile.
I want all of that as I create.

I have had one request from a boy who loves trees so we might be able to make an oil blend for the "bod babe" with spruce and birch and oakmoss and alright, now I want myrrh and choya loban again!!
Let us see what we can see about all that..
This is me, not rushing.

pine templar
black spruce absolute
balsam fir absolute
birch tar one drop
one drop choya

let us meditate on this one, yea?

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