Sunday, February 21, 2016

cleaning up (our act)

I have been perusing for bottles and jars. I want a nice looking product but nice jars are expensive. My vials cost normally under three dollars not 13 dollars for one. Man there are nice one out there!
If only I could just be consistant and always be able to have them. This means buying by the hundreds and not a dozen like I can afford.
There are black ones on Amazon and beautiful those miron glass  violet ones that I love from Norway. Just gorgeous!
What is it about their workmanship that is so perfect?

So elegant!
So clean!

Look at that little chef, Magnus, (Not Norwegian but cold enough and northern enough)he can make a duck cost 500 dollars and it shows. :)

I want purple perfume bottles.
I have had those fine green ones for one tiny month or two and they were gone! The Old Whore looked gorgeous in them. I think I also sold some of my fougere in or two.
They were expensive and I loved them.
By expensive, I mean like six dollars each. I bet Miron violet glass is more than that. I will call them and see.
So 20%  to 30%of your product must go to packaging? Yup..
Here is the next thing; You have to have a nice stick on label that is water proof and that means committing to something. This goes for any skin care in a jar. I am simple when I look at  some items with frankincense and neroli in  grapeseed oil going for 60 dollars. Yup! The jar and label cost 15 dollars and then the stuff and then the shipping..oye! Back to reality and having a clean line of products.
I have chosen blue and amber glass and the best that I can afford for us. We must have amber jars for basic goods and most of us use every bit of what we buy. I do. Make it good I say and use some good oils. I feel like if we all of us are to enjoy real and perfect skin care, the jar should be the last thing we worry about.
I mean presentation..there is an alluring factor..there is. The story takes you to a higher level of thinking. I want that. I love it. I love what is in there more.

I like grapeseed oil well enough. Not for my face or yours though. I have seen meadowfoam oil lately, maybe because I am looking, feels too thick on me and frankly I have always kind of not wanted castor oil too, even though I use it in shampoo type soap that I make.
I hope you have a good day,
and tell me something good.

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