Monday, August 1, 2016

so sweet how families must change

I was talking with an American Armenian gal who I love because she is real and has good intentions..for the most part..I mean no one is a saint, remember that, even the saints are not saints.
Saint Paul may ass!

We were watching a beautiful and I mean gorgeous gal walking around with her mom and dad close behind and there was a boy, pandering, trying to say things the old guy would if this daughter was a prize they were letting go and he must be interviewed well. lol
He was cute too and I thought, "he must really care for her to go to such lengths to ask permission or somehow be good enough for their prized daughter."
As I was thinking this, my friend spoke..
"our people do that, he is not Armenian either, we would not accept him"

See? I have grown a lot from even last year where I would have hurt her feelings at such a dumb thing, but no, I was poised and said this..

"In science, there are no races, just homo sapiens"

She looked at me and I could see her mind racing, "yea but my people, we stay pure.."

Not for long because you cannot!
I did not tell her that. Let her play with her toy ideas as long as she wants to, it will not matter. One out of four of her American educated children will marry outside their people because educated women do not want to be owned. Are those marriages better or last longer than most average marriages in the USA? Maybe they do. All I see are the same sort of dramas from all of us and smart girls want to choose on their own and not talk to their dad as if he is giving her away. What a load of crap!
My dad would beat me so bad so I would listen..he is old now and does not matter in my daily work or life's choices. He is happy to show up and say, "hello".  We have changed, I have changed and my daughters are free and respected more by me for that! See, everything will change. Women who wear the veil now, will have children and they will not want to wear it. They are done with this idea. Every one is or will be!
She will not want to be considered a prize of some sort where the family has her until she marries and is safely tucked away in a nice house with a nice bed and nice shoes and nice vacation visiting family of is nice to think so.

That girl? The one with the family shopping and pretending to peruse through our store? That one will be fine or no. I think she will be okay. Her mamma will be around to help her and her daddy will sit and watch the telly while grandchildren play in front of him..and, and, she will have the finest jeans to show off her   fine ass and nice shoes too..
That does sound nice. can't we just do that anyhow? Of course we can!

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