Wednesday, August 31, 2016

is it mercury? yes! Are we okay now? Yes!

Wake up and live the real life you , you, you believe in some fuking template set forth by your parents as an ultimatum! That is what the Gods want,! You know, the ones that  rule your decisions and everything you  could possibly think about or do and you pray and beg and pray and chant to and pretend you know them. You say, "praise him" like a drug after you take a bunch of
who am I a fuking judger? I won't!

You do not have to follow a template of what life should be based on robe wearing underwearless men with beards! I am just saying and that I love you.
Have your memories, be afraid and do what is real for you not some sudden little box with with all the answers.
I am ranting to me, I am ranting to all of you who think that you have to lie and beg your parents for love and cherish based on how many times you prayed your Hail Mary or how many times you said I am a republican..fuk off, some of us have brown skin, we are fine. read more, listen, be yourself, live the life you believe in and carry on because you is a long song..

life's a long song Jethro Tull

Also the sign of a good parent is how many times your kids say the love you not the secrets they keep from you so that you are not insulted by their behavior. However shocking, or out of the proverbial box. I am stunned that parents won't speak to their kids if they break the rules.."the rules" "The Rules"

Oh and speaking of Mary and her child was she so surprised to find him in the temple at age 12, stunned she was? She sure forgot that angel who impregnated her and the big star and all the good and frankincense about her divine son and yet..she was stunned at what he knew and the way he spoke to the rabbis about the law.."the law" "The Law"..
Always with the law. "Can't we all just grow some grain instead of wandering through the desert?"
"No, let us create a few different tribes in the desert and make up a story about being slaves to Egypt."
"But 40 years is a little long, don't you think?"
"It is written by God, we do it!"

ha ha ha ha ha ha

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