Monday, October 3, 2016

custom orders

I am change that you require and everything I send you is for your good either through meditation or keen intuitions  and for you to experience growth and contentment to enjoy what I send as a spell sent through time and space for your ultimate power is from my hands and the supreme gifts which flow through them. Aromatherapy is real magic for real.

As you may know, I am sort of a weird and love to make crazy good stuff for us and I love making good soap to the point of addiction and all that stuff we love. Through the years I have changed. I have gloriously and graciously changed my mind so much. I am almost 58 you know!
I used to say, I am almost 60 but that is really two years away.
Libra Libra Libra
We say the wrong thing and then it is right later on.
Anyhow..I will not be taking any more custom orders from now takes away from my powerful creativity and becomes something I do not recognize.
I will try to be more consistent..but really, it is not my way.

You should  still ask about bringing something you have already had and I do repeat many blends..still, they are not and will not be the same..some soap is softer because of reactions with the other oils, some hard for the same reasons, oils do what they need to do every time. My last batch of sage is very dry and spiky..I am using it. It is organic! Soap is soap and sage is good in any way some days. I love it. It cleans and refreshes a room. All of them do. I am using Greek dalmatian sage at the moment from Eden Botanicals where I buy most of my oils. Patchouli, Sunrose all day!
The time lord soap for example, changes. I have not had the same frankincense, ever! Nor have I had the same lavender, unless you are talking about the one they make in a lab and call French lavender..the fuks!
I buy organic lavender grosso or some other one I love in soap, like the mailette. So crisp, lavender, dry and snappy! I love those!
Point being, you will not ever get the same thing twice. That is the way it is..I am like a wild horse! Sag rising!!

One time the girl at work said, "what "do" you do here anyway?"

I was so overloaded with answers that I said nothing.
"Oh, I don't know, I fold clothes.." I said and walked away..she is a kid a babe and a sweet young thang..
In my many years and I only bring it up because it is my birthday coming and I am still here..In all my years,
"I have done plenty my little fuking cunt whore bitch that you would even think that about me..but hey, who the fuk do you think you are and who am I?"

I said fucking cunt whore bitch? You are offended? Common..stop not be holier than thou with me!
Think of it as in the British

Okay so back to me and how I must change and here it is my powerful witches, my glorious gals my daughters and my lovers you all it must be.

I have done plenty baby! Plenty and still have my duties outlined.
I was the one making your beer and your bread in  the back of the bar..I was the one who cleaned your chair and made the sauce you dipped your na an in..I was the one who grew bananas and made real coconut oil from coconuts I collected during high rock climbs to gather..I steeped it all with ylang ylang flowers and made soap.
I was the one who cried tears of agony when I broke up with that guy..after that he was gone from my thoughts. Like, "oh, it hurt, but boy, I feel better!" No harness is nice after all!
I am a wild horse!
I was the one who had to let go while climbing a mountain and the bats and I talked and talked about what I want from now on. I want to say and be who I am now..
I was the one in that military raid on my family all alone on a bus with strangers, scared and all alone (more real than needed to be) trying to crawl back out of an imaginary hole..I may have chosen wrongly in some people's eyes but I got to see things, things,  and they are more important than your green beans not looking fresh enough.
I chose what I truly wanted then and now, I am learning to be exceptionally choosy.
I chose the one thing I did not want until now and I chose it finally because it already was and is..Me, no harness, no strings, and no cry..serine being is real, it is called being on time and waking up happy.

Here we are and this is the most magical and power time for me ever..I hope you can glide with me towards understanding and connection through atomic elements of essential oils..binding us is real, it is!

I am always willing to do the best thing for us so be ready not for more brash but maybe more utter truth than some are willing to except.. My scorpionic nature must be fed..mmm

come to me
come to me
come to me
excellent fat on my skin
good business
good business partners (customers)
good food
good family
good results
true love is now

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