Monday, October 31, 2016

New Moon and Sacred Days

Look, if you have something you want, you better make words in your brain and ask for it. It will not happen just because you have desire for something.
That being said, you'll be surprised at how much you really can live without.
 If  you might want more in your lover, he will not know unless you state your intentions and if and I say if, he says, 'bitch, you can go fuk yourself, asking me that!"
Tell him, he is a wrong person for you and that business does not fly anymore with us women.
We must state our intentions always.
If he says, "babe, you're being crazy again."
(a secret code for covering up cheating)
Tell him, those things are not accurate about your intentions and requests.
If he uses your requests as ammunition for fights, please think about how much that penis is worth to you! If he chooses to be dark and moody, he is a mood vampire..they can suck all your good thoughts if you allow it.
Is it all about Love?
Pretty much. Money and then what, comfort, maybe..Love, Money, Penis/Vagina..back to love then...

 It is about love and weakness and positions of worthiness in our relationships.(and perhaps in sex))
Your secrets are not that secret. You might save the sacred ones but anything else is sure to be clean and handy for your benefits. If you want. You should keep better secrets..better not ugly ones, better ones. People can see that, your loved ones sure can. They can instinctively and hormonaly attract to it.."it".. or be darkened and angry from it.

This new moon is about adjusting and really cleaning up old things you have been hoarding.
You will be delighted at how much you do not need to keep. The air will be better and your mind will be free-er..

If your lover has any hold over you..walk away..if he does not share the chores because "men do not do dishes", tell him about Misogyny and say that we are equal and no one is better! Who does this guy think he is?
I do not know, but I have known many and male who is lazy and over burdensome in these times where he really does not do harder work that women. The horse and carriage is gone and we rarely farm our own food so unless your dude is in construction, he is likely hanging by a computer for 8 hours a day or so.
We are in modern times babies..this means our roles are not as clean and dry as they were once played out for us by clergy and "The "They"" who make world decisions.

You must clean your life or you will rot in the dirt along with all the dust the broken down fibers from old things you think you must keep through time. Yuk!

The New Moon In Scorpio
 a thinning of the veils..LOOK!
abilities to begin over from a broken place
knowing what you want
being a better ear
 know to listen
plan and plan some more..
sit tight
brew some magic
brew some love
brew a potion for your lovely ones which suddenly reflects to their higher minds

Perfection in abilities
 Let us attend..


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