Thursday, August 1, 2013

Calendula Infusion

I cut about three average sized bundles of calendulas and let them dry on linen overnight as to ensure the flowers were free of any watery moisture and then I clipped them at the base and put the flowers in a jar and filled it with olive oil. I then immersed the jar in hot water for two hours. The jar is in a dark cool corner and I already shook it vigorously today and put it back.
I am now waiting for more flowers to open up so I can keep adding fresh flowers to my potion. I want it to smell of summertime. These calendulas are not what I thought they'd be. I expected bright orange flowers and instead I got red apricot colors. They start as maroon colored and then go lighter as they open.

Calendulas are members of the daisy family. They are sweet and sunny in nature. They can withstand a bit of cold where other flowers wilt. They are rich in lutein, a nutrient essential  for eye health.
They seem to love being cut and their stems are quite resinous always leaving a sticky sap on my hands when handling them. I will continue to handle them, inhale a deeply as I can, their indescribable scent! I know now  why tagets is so special.

Calendulas represent something quite nice spiritually as well.
 In folk remedies, this sweet fragrant marigold has  been used as a healing skin tonic so gentle as to be a perfect mamma's helper. To anoint your baby after bathing  with a nice calendula infused oil, is one of the most magical things, you, as  a momma can do.
Calendulla is about using your words to get good results. To listen and to be open to listening.
When they say, "let the sunshine in", they must have been thinking about calendulas!

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