Monday, March 28, 2016

really good things

Good things, like rose oil and you know, I love sandalwood with rose and now patchouli with rose and neroli on etsy there..:)
I am busy but not that busy. I love mixing a fresh bath oil for some lovely I have never actually met but somehow I have gotten to know them as a friend and loved one...that there is one good thing and there are more.
I must, I must include Vetiver and Rose!
Vetiver Rose in bath oil,
and Divine Invisible with Frankincense,Labdanum and Rose..
I am just in awe of and with labdanum and rose and how about frankincense in that one too, what too churchy?
I don't care, you see, because wood that has sediment from 100's of years of incense burning..I love that idea of a place just having that forever..frankincense can offer that especially if it is a nice resinous one of high quality. This blend with the rose and labdanum and frankincense, it is beautiful and should be served at 50% strength and in these bitchin'est  black jars I am excited to receive. This rich incense perfume will be mixed with a waxy  honey like solution and in a  filthy expensive vial which is about to be delivered to my door. It will be more expensive because of the and so classy!
Do not worry, if you want the same stuff inside, you can order  the plain amber jars which I always offer at the more reasonable price point. I did not buy that many of but man, I had to get it out of my system, you know?

This is the best time to think about what oils you'd like on you and what you'd like to use to attract your best things..The moon is about to go dark in days to come and It is good, to plant some seeds and watch your plants flourish and grow..oops, I meant, "plans"!

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