Thursday, March 17, 2016

Good Reflections

My latest book, The Peoples History Of The United States, by, Howard Zinn..very very good!
All I can say is, "Humans"!

I have been busy making soap because during my hiatus I seem to have gone though most of my best ones. Do not worry, I have many in stock at the moment and looking forward to cutting some new ones.
I made an outstanding Templin fir with Virginia cedarwood and frankincense and blue clay. It smells so good and it is still hot so I cannot cut it. I must be patient and calm and leave it be to do what it does. I added a little bit black madonna because I made that too. So there will be hints of vetiver and rose. I think it is beautiful and definitely reflects my ability to work with woodsy oils.
Black Madonna Soap..Black Rose, Dark Matter..These are a few names I have for vetiver with rose and charcoal. So beautiful!

vetiver rose soap

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