Thursday, March 10, 2016

keeping business interesting

It has been slow  as long as business has been slow in every retail areas..groceries included. I don't mind because I have already felt the ebb and flow of soap purchases and everyone is always scared to buy on line at the moment.
They go to whole foods and pay the same price for soy bean oil soap and a little purple swirl and they are fine with fake frankincense and myrrh. I stopped caring about that a long time ago and will continue to make exquisite soap for women and men of high distinction.
Well, who do you think would pay 12.99 for a bar of chypre or fougere in a bath soap and ..authentic to boot?
High thinkers that is who. Sexy friken high thinkers and guess what, they still love me after all these years. I know they do because they tell me. When a boy buys The Old Whore Soap, it is always sexy. I am only human and I would think that any man who wears vetiver (the vetiver in the old whore really comes out on man skin)) is worth pleasing to an unforgettable degree! Any woman who wants rose on her deserves everflowing wealth and goodness..what ever that is! And I want that for each and every customer, Is there a highest  degree? No..the answer is "no".  Explore the highest degree that you can fathom and be free. Free? Whatever that is! :))

I have spent a whole lot of time thinking and wondering where I can improve my business. One thought always comes to mind. Do not rush..once everyone knows your name again, they flock to buy. It is that way in the world of internet business. ELENEETHA will be known as much as she wants to and will grow at her own rate.
Her perfect rate that she has always thrived right now.
Thriving means for me, some quiet time. I seem to only want a tea and book when everyone leaves for the night. It is quiet more often here at Crabtree Manor, so I have been enriching my life though rest, naps,  the study of flowers and more study of homeopathy..listen one never knows when a good rug or bad rug will be pulled right under them..the difference is where you land and how and the time it takes after that for you to start for that point and move..any way that you focus on will be your choice. Your brain is ready for you to make a decision. You could lay there and cry, I suppose! Nah...

The oils for the next six months will be arriving today and I am super stoked. It is nice to have 16 ounces of organic bergamot, let me say that!