Monday, March 7, 2016

my reprieve

Mega Knife
little knives
I go there a lot when I want things. I want things now and I am looking at knifes and what I want to hold for the next few years and maybe give some to a few people as gifts. I mean who does not need a knife? I know every witch whore bitch does!
(don't be limited by only choosing one of those as you))

Course I talked about a lemony soap but I really need to make more old whore. I just sold the last really awesome aged one to a girl who loves her. That makes me happy when others are happy. it is all in the oils I know but delivery is a whole lot of one's product. I want to deliver delight in every way. I just do. yes I do rant and carry on about injustice, I am a libran, it is what we do..but dang man, I make a good bar of fat and smelly things!
So, the old whore, I make her but rich and good. Oh, yes, she is a fine bar of delight! She has changed through the years and yet, she stays the same even though the next batch and every other batch is unique. never the same..that is a true woman, right? Go with the growth or get dragged. ha haha I was stocking greeting cards the other day, lol:)
To me a a great bar of soap leaves me with a breath of patchouli mixed with other dark syrupy oils..mmmm vetiver, mmm labdanum..mmmm oakmoss sssss
I just bought some really nice aged patchouli oil! "er mer gerd"..smooth, mellow, intriguing, velvety comfortable. Sunrose patchouli on earth as far as I know..:)

I am making a fresh batch of vanilla body butter today and if you want a fresh one with all the carriers I've been quietly collecting, you should get one..I have really good carrier oils in right now..argan, rose hip, tomato seed, black raspberry seed...mmm all organic.
Vanilla is awesome for your skin after a bath! Add real vanilla co2 to any carrier and you have an excellent skin serum with excellent nutritional factors for the skin. Perfect too, when you go ahead and dab on your bit of your favorite oil or balm..vanilla mixes with just about everything!
I Love it when I finally take off my clothes at night and get that vanilla twang, still vibrating goodness through the day and almost like quietly and staying close cuz, you know, patchouli..

I am looking in to my budget to buy us some real vitamin c oil. I want some. They won't sell it by the ounce, dang it!
(Botanic Oil Innovations)
We will see, there are always other ways to get vitamin c. I would say a bit of organic lemon oil would do the trick.

How about a cleansing oil/serum with all the good oils and organic lemon and orange oils? Wouldn't that  be a nice way to work in vitamin c after a hot bath at night? Of course, do not go out in the sun with lemon oil on you.
It is for a treatment.

I must get ready and clean before I make, so we will talk soon about other wondrous wants..remember,  so, ( asteroids and Mars transits)) let things end as the begin because you are no fool to be coddled in to a lie in order so that you do not make are no fool to stand for insidiousness and anger when it has nothing to do with you..don't let guilt or shame be your first reactions..allow the first to be surprize and confidence!

you're a smart human
hard woker
reality buster
organic machina of amazingness
grace and poise
alluring intriguing and for sure interesting
satisfyingly delightful and
now enough..said
let us do..and be who we are
not scared

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