Saturday, March 26, 2016

what is the wrong thing

It changes every generation you know, the "wrong thing", the baddies and the stupid selfish desires we make to be true and must have and when that goes "wrong" we cry and carry on.

Funny how humans know that gold is so valuable and in the universe it is, it is one of the last things a star makes before dying in a ginormous blast.
You'd think we would always choose the preciousness and not get caught up in muck and lies and sex, dirty sex, clean sex..who cares, or drugs or our own computer addiction with technology. What women can much they can use birth control, goes on but continues to thrive in our species. Then, the killing and war so that we can keep the peace. Ha! What peace?
Like we want to talk about it so we can say that this way is wrong..or in some extreme cases all of them being wrong. and you get the problems with Islam.
Guess what, the more a country does not have books and freedom the more they tend to be in war or starving and in a third world state.

"You cannot judge humans on their past way of life or judgements."

"I certainly can!' How could they have written such noble words in books while at the same time slaughtering thousands and thousands of Native Americans and enslaving thousands of Africans so that they would not have to work? Jefferson had over 100 slaves working his estate. Washington was filthy rich and had slaves, I do not know how many.
 How could they ponder on art and beauty and martial arts while taking women and babies and killing every one of the men..the babies were thrown off Spanish ships and it was the fun part to shoot their heads in the water..yes, that happened. Remember that Columbus thought he was in the west indies and the objective was to take it from who ever may have been there. Gold! Money! and later Tobacco and cotton..cotton...cotton..."

"no you can't!" He said to me.

"I can't? I can't think to you and me, that those events could have been maybe better handled?"

I think that humans are so interesting. Like the slave is in the bible, it was cool 2000 years ago because nations with money(The Romans) and soldiers brought them to their places to work for them so they would not have to wash clothes, till the earth to grow grain, grind the grain and cook and the clean  dishes and carry water from a fountain which they built. Who do you think helped the Romans,  along the way on their roads, elves? No it was slaves, and, helped I said because I know those guys worked hard and were away from home crucifying humans who even looked at them funny.
See, here it is, and if you will allow me to share my thoughts on the bible, which I rarely do, right?
The Pilgrims! They followed the bible and were super strict. They were of the mind that they were all religions. They were not ready for the hardship of winter in the Boston area. Brutal, cold, no food, no talent to hunt for food, no knowledge of herbs, dang in months time only 30 of them were left. Those guys ate the frozen bodies of their dead kin..yes they did. Was it wrong to do that?
They say we are nine meals away from chaos.
People went crazy from hunger and cold and found that the Natives were able to help them. When they got better in a few years, they wanted to enslave the Native Americans who had their own language and morals and more honor among the women..In Virginia by 1620, there were a thousand slaves. They heard about that..humnn
The questions the Puritan Pilgrims had to ponder on was, "do we also get slaves to do our dirty work or do we learn to change and work hard as a community like the Native Americans?"
"let's ask the priests?"
"ah, we nothing wrong with this and God approves!" "slaves, obey your masters" (which translates to, slaves, your master has money which he gives me to survive so obey him, k?)
"Okay, that does it, we get some slaves and start killing all the Indians and get them out of the way!"

Was it wrong? Is it wrong for men to have one foot on a womans neck so the she obeys him and as result he gets to decide if she can be a doctor or study, or read books. In the 1700's, it was not cool for women to read too many books and it was cool to think on arranging flowers and making pillows while super clean and white linen that is fresh on you..there were lower people doing the dirty work all the time. In the north it was the Irish and in the south, well we know..we know...and it was all because the drudgery of getting up at dawn to clean and till and make bread..which I am about to do.

It is not drudgery if you decide it is not drudgery and well, I could talk all day, but I cannot..The sun is shining and I must tend to my seedlings and think about my awesome freedom knowledge loving beautiful life!
Grateful! Be!!

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