Friday, March 25, 2016

Walking Dead Review Season Six Episodes 12 13 14

It took me a long time to want to write about these last three episodes.
Like Carol, I felt a little dirty after I saw two men being burned alive in episode 13. It was creepy. I felt the whole group changed and yes, have become warriors and sneaky ones.
"Get to them before they get to us."
Did they do the right thing or did they do what needed done? What is the right thing in this world?

These people who would have killed Daryl and Sasha and Abraham, blown up on the road by Darryl and that flame thing, "proved beyond a doubt that there are bad humans a foot and heading our way to kill our people and take our food.."
That is the premise here that when all is said and done, there is always some ass hole group trying to impose their tyranny on all people and make women and children live in fear. Like they always have. Why do you think that slavery lasted so long in our civilization? Because Hamm disobeyed god and god turned his skin and his kin's kin, skin  dark so he could punish him in such a way? To be now a slaves for light skinned humans? Please!
Yea, there are still humans that believe that! They are called Mormons!..oye, I digress...not really...
Desperate humans will believe anything to stay alive, even after they are dead. funny one hugh?
Paula, "you don't know what I have done to survive?"
I am thinking, "shut the fuck up, Paula, you are not more special than our heroes in this tale!"
What they just did to survive, to make a place to eat and rest at the end of the day without walkers or now worse, some other ass hole who wants to rule the world by blowing up up big bombs in the ocean (N Korea)....
er... I mean Negan..Negan wants to rule his little world with violence and horrible tyranny!
By basically acting like he is some Norman coming to England as a king named so by god and now everyone dies and we take what we want.."you had better be quiet and we might not kill you, well, we will kill you."
Who is Negan?
Look I do not know that guy. I do not want to know him before that Jefferey Dean guy makes him in to a real contender for Rick. I just saw the previews of the next episode, East, and I am wondering about eating an apple with Rick, I  can also remember that both he and Michone must always be aware of danger and not get too comfy, right? That is why she is so cool, Michone, right?
Beside the fact that she gets to spoon with Rick!
Everyone is promising a big death in the end of this season. I do not know why that intrigues people so much. I just love Kirkman's writing and his knowledge of history and war!
I like Rick and I love the way he is has become more suave. They all judged him in the beginning, oh he is too violent, he is a killer or what ever some dumb reviewer said that he makes bad decisions..Oh yea? Like you would handle anything better? He is not a Batman, he is a man who woke up one day and it was the end of the world. try spending just one day alone and not talking to anyone.

This whole thing with Carol has me wondering. I think that her superstar nature should not go crazy all of a sudden like that  and I know Morgan got to her. I hope she sorts things out though. This weakness on her part may be a plan to do something or a random thing..I doubt that it is a random thing..
I do not want to see Carol die weak and doing the wrong thing. It is dumb to leave your safe place to go and always live in fear of zombies or rape or bullets in your stomach...

Any thoughts?

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