Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Birch Tar Soap

birch tar soap

I made some, it smells like camp fire and what can I do? It is pretty much sold out to boot.

There are some rich others I have made. The old whore turned out amazing as she always does and I am, for the most part, catching up with cleaning. I cleaned all day yesterday and today I will clean some more. I need a shelf, another one. I prefer wood. That means I am growing and spreading my wings in to the universe.as I always do..you do too.

I made the dragon's invocation soap and just cut it. It is beautiful and not the same as the other one, the first one. I hope the lovely girl who bought six of them likes it because you know, I worry. I shouldn't, because people who love oils actually accept all the transitions and flavor nuances. I do. And this last batch is loaded with the goodness. You deserve all the goodness!
There are not too many essential oils I do not like..I mean, of course a spikenard soap is a little too much..ugh..or curry leaves..no, not for me in soap. I can barely get through that black seed oil! Man, that oil has a tone!
Onward to the rest of the week. 
I made a sandalwood vanilla cream that will knock the socks off of the lovely who bought a jar of that. Let me say, that I filled her jar and scraped the rest and slathered it on my whole face. It is so pleasant and i love sandalwood right now! I bought from White Lotus and Eden's "rare". So so good.
I also bought 6 black infinity one ounce vials! They are so beautiful and elegant that I can only put something beautiful inside.
It will be Sandalwood Perfume..
It will be amazing and make you feel so good.
Three sandalwood distillate..syrupy and blooming with subtle woodsy, sweet, exotic, warming, elegant, attractive to riches..yummy!
The vials will be here tomorrow and I will post them after that. The oils is right now coming together in organic jojoba.
Ingredients are;
og jojoba
sandalwood India, Hawaii, 
one drop tangerine
I  hope you like it.

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