Tuesday, March 29, 2016

why divine invisible

Because I have never seen it and yet I talk about it day and night. Have you talked about it? Do you think about powerful unseen forces that can effect your life? I don't. I feel like it is random and even organic...like telepathy maybe being more organic than we knew before...but unseen forces I have had to face! Yes? You too?
Me too. I have. I have had things happen which were beyond my control and yet I suffered for it.
I mostly suffered while loving a man, who ripped me apart and then went all wrong. because at the same time he was living his accusatory life, he was becoming a man of lies and sneaking around.
I am not telling you because I want sympathy! I still learned and read, and made beautiful things!
 The past and how I handled some things..well, so?

I had to do what needed done for me and my  family as I always try to do. Dwelling on past good and past bad..past past past...
It is what I have now..the past is gone babies and yet I brought all of that experience with me.
Wanting to have behaved another way, I never think like that! I seem to respect the moment, most days.
 I am telling you that if you have 50 friends who say they love you and this includes family, only two or three linger when times go wrong. They leave you, they die  along they way or they never even talk to you because maybe they have a new addiction or  they want a whipping boy, a scapegoat and something to hate on..  Yes, well, you do not know what others are really thinking inside. How they love, or hate. You only know what your own eyes are telling you and how you love or hate. That is it really!
All this, divine prepared?
I know it is organically prepared. That, I can see and measure. Organically prepared as in the way we group together and attract more  of what we are and so on.
It is really simple, come to think of it, even in The Universe of  which we are in, things group together to form groups and so on..dust, bigger dust, crashes, heat, more dust, bigger dust, crashes, stars, ball of melted rocks and stuff and thangs from there and cooling off and the trees after that more stuff..
It is crazy but even the body, our bodies, there are 200 groups of 10 trillion molecules formed by atoms which made said 200 groups of functions..Like these molecules made of the right amount of atoms to form a heart or a brain, just automatically go where they are supposed to? WOW!
They do it by hormones that attract one another..yea! "they" ha ha
What are we?

I don't know but I am willing to think on it and ponder on it and say words...
I realize I babble a whole lot and when I go back and read something I wrote yesterday, I sound like 10 thousand thoughts attempting to form one paragraph. Sorry, lol

Fine, if you want, I will make some good ol' lemon soap and more time lord and I need more vetiver with vanilla..for my dancing girl who is so good to me! XX Aries, right? Happy Birthday, goddess!

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