Tuesday, March 1, 2016

she touched his butt, did you see, walking dead thoughts on 6/11 Knots Untie

Rick said that after he killed yet another  crazy man, scared and tortured this time by a new evil, by Negan. The evilest man so far on apocalyptic Earth, they say!
If the governor was maybe, Mussolini, then Negan is Hitler..and Kirkman takes themes of war to a very interesting level in his writing. never mind the drama that develops.
Look, I know Negan is coming, Rick and the gang have a big development coming up. I am so trying not to look and see anything which takes away from the anxious delight for each new episode.
You have to watch walking dead right away because if you even turn your computer on there are spoilers on every page. I learned about Carl a week before the eye thing happened. That is it! No more..er except for the talking dead extras. :) I love Chris Hardwick!

 What is it about an apocalypse that intrigues us?
My parents lived through it. They had to bury the gold and things and hide their food and they lost people!. It  always does  come to food. Look in your pantry, how long would you last during a bombing or outbreak of some sort of virus that kills off millions at once? No frozen. Back to 500 years ago. You must build a fire in the rain as well as in the snow. Lighters and things being almost like money. I am keeping my wood burner for sure now! ha ha
(plastic can burn in the rain  in small pieces under the wood. I learned that in costa rica.)

What would you trade with? Most of us would starve. The old would not be as useful and die fast due to weather and illness. people would live less in years that now because the death rate from violence and disease would be sky high..wars do that.

Hilltop People and Valley People trading and then you have the bad guy..the fucking asshole who has to be king and kill everyone who gets in his way and by gathering these forces, (his many men), he attracts goons who follow blindly because it gives them a little bit of that "out team is better and we'll kill you!"

Seems like they could trade with these new people and they made a crazy deal, or is it?
I know some people on line will get mad and ask all the questions, the "why's" and the "really's"
I do too, but it is because I love the interaction of what can be.
"it'll cost us"
Maggie said that..all these innuendoes, leave me in speculation. Who will die and who will live for another season or two? Abraham could die because all the signs go that way. Also, already, I see Carl beginning to loose patience with people. He is pissed. I would be! I do not blame him if he and Enid have no chemistry. she sucks..boring as heck fire on screen, right?

I do not want to think about who will die and who died in the comics. If the writers want to kill Glen, they will kill him and Maggie will  be stoic the whole time..boring, and then what a surprize handling the dude in the bed..still, seems to me that, Carol would have been better with that old guy..Carol was busy recovering from being a killer.())) with Morgan also recovering from being a killer because of not being a killer..yea, he let those wolves go and then what? Everything went to blood and guts.
Jessie, Ron, Sam, "bye bye"!
"All that, all that is on you Morgan!" (my thoughts)

Rick said that many would die because they  were already preparing for it. They are so fixed on a dream, a fantasy of life. I feel real life is like that.
Look at the migrants in Europe and how desperate they have become because they are cold and hungry and the world hates them and still they cling to their religion like it has helped them so far. They do it because of fear. God has not helped them. He did not help The Jews or my little boy uncles (1940's)who got bombed to death. evil is evil..and it comes from men!
Bering a blind follower who lives in a dream world..of heaven, hell and punishment, you get so fixed in your ways that you never get past it. You are the one yelling while someone is biting your face off in the next chapter of your already dismal life. You were so busy looking at the flowers, knowing that you are wrong, but by  now, too far gone to fix anything. Too scared and too dumb from having your eyes covered by your own doing.

One can convince one's self with just about any idea and it sticks. I feel like the Alexandrians are like that and so are the other colony people, with only a handful of men and women who understand the reality and the perils of the outside world. Know your enemies!
I love Rick, he talks things through with his people and he strikes like a shark when he needs to.
Dang but that is sexy and I would touch his behind too!

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