Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Solar Eclipse

This is a time of beginnings and a time of ending too. The dark moon rises things from the depths and it makes for strong woman power.
Don't scoff! I mean the female part of you which can draw strength from quietude is alive and dong fine. I know it it is.
Unless of course you are in despair and your reasons for said despair are all your own made..yea..well..people are dumb.
The dumb ones sit around and cry and carry on and time just keeps ticking whilst one does nothing but despair and review one's disparity. You add some drugs to that..oye, constant negative thoughts and words coming out of their mouths.
It is a thing of wonder once you become aware of your thoughts even just a little bit. I mean it surprises me so much. probably because I'm simple minded..lol

Solar eclipse comes with many secrets unfolding, yes? I find that two weeks before a powerful one, some shit goes down. Oh, yes, but this is a time to stop and listen and learn!
Do not cry now..you want to because, life..I want you to relax, do a face spa treatment and let it be for a moment.
The deal about this aspect in mythological sense is that, this solar eclipse is in Pisces..I think someone is swimming away and something nice is coming in its place..people come and they go..I wonder how long a real friendship can last in this world of uncertainty and lies? I do not know..I know that I must not at this moment in my life ever forget that I am glorious just to be here thinking.
I am in wonderment that others do not see  and linger on all the things they hate about their lives.
Just live it. If you are happy, be happy. If you are sad , fix it now because time ticks and even the most keen minds eventually fade in our memories and after we die..we will die..after we perish, our imprint on other's mind will be all there ever was of us this time..
Yes, this time..Our Universe is old and we travel through time with it, becoming everything and nothing and evolving each time in to what we always have been. :)))

I am about to feast on some vittles and I hope you do the same. I will honor my divine nature, mother, witch, goddess  whore...artist of scent and food..mmmm

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