Friday, March 25, 2016

And now this I made

It is where cedar and vetiver meet!
I began with that aim. To get the vetiver later on after I dab  this oil on. I love that vetiver feeling, so much but changed with the cedarwood. And not too much cedarwood. Just enough.
Here is how it went..
I started with cedarwood and vetiver and patchouli and oud.
Then I added frankincense of a variety that is so resinous as to almost have a sweetness. It lasts and is quite lovely.
I also added after that, choya loban. My goodness, you must be careful with that. One too many drops of choya and it is too much for me. I almost thought for a moment that it was over the amount of smoke I'd  like..but, it is just right..2 drops in 1 ounce essential oil..that is aged and then added to a carrier. Yes, some oils one can use neat. I do. But I like the idea of a carrier for an all over application of goodness. :) is perfect!
Okay so then I let it be and waited.
I finished with sandalwood and a beautiful 2 drops carnation absolute. I then let it be. Everything is about time.

I am going to wear it today, I wonder how people with act. Sandalwood seems to bring wealth for me. Cedarwood is odd. A quiet helper, cedarwood.does not need everyone's approval. Rose hears it all day. Cedarwood does not require accolades and can give accolades easily and enthusiastically. Cedarwood understands waiting and time more than us, true!
Cedarwood oil, Virginia;
Well Rooted
excellent poise
worthy understanding

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