Friday, March 4, 2016

Dark Moon Powers

I am drawing from the dark moon to bring the power from deep inside me up all the way to my crown.
It is started the coiled up snake at my base, slowly taking itself higher where I feel every vertebrae and ever energy center evolving and learning along the way.
It seems this realization has brought me some unwanted feelings and situations but this is the way of being so I will not carry on too long with silly things which should have been and are discarded.

I will linger for a moment at my creative space..where I churn ideas and what will be my intention from the day's beginning, from a mere thought and where I want it to take me.
Where I want to go. Where and how I want to say that my instincts are tingling and carry strength which I am still surprised by, well,  I am surprised and want to always be surprised and not be stuck in some dull addiction that does nothing to enrich me.
Dull addiction is where we store all our loaded heavy fucking bull shit..

"I digest and process my daily life easily and my body is happy."

My gut instincts..ha haha
I do not stay here too long because gut instincts can be based on fear, judgment and longing..
Move on..move it. Be free and do not just lay down to die just because you think this is all there is! I say this to me-self because I am so busy and  may skip steps more important than who did what!

Gut instincts..feel it, fix it, ask your heart.

Ask your heart how long you will grieve over words?
As your heart how long you will suffer not being enough for someone who can never ever be happy?
How long will you linger there and carry on in a submissive state while never actually saying what it is that you really want, what  is in your heart?

I must say what I feel, This is why I make things and why you like to rub my things on beautiful heart felt creations..I love them and always will..because your heart, my heart, we are one and must, we must love and forgive ourselves..don't speak. Keep your love a secret do it for two weeks and it will double from someone a love spell, this is!
take your idea of what you love to your throat and mouth where your words will always be sweeter, each time each sweetest word bringing more magical conclusions..
each gut feeling, transforming in to shared ideas coming forth easily and attractively and nutritionally..intending is all this..
words which are true and not lies..this is an interesting place where my choices and which words, make impressions on people..
Some will never love me enough, it is on them..I am worthy..I can see through my higher mind, glimpses of beauty and future ideas..glimpses of god..and the universe..sighing as I am overwhelmed yet again at how wonderful my life has been so far.
It is wonderment..

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