Sunday, March 20, 2016

Good Day Sunday and more eclipse effects

Solar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
The closest Comet in 250 years..
Saturn  Mars in Sagittarius..big..

Yes, I feel that the year has been turbulent.  It has nothing to do with us of course but it does because others around us do not live and then when a huge magnetic force awakens their low prosperity of thoughts, they are sad and carry on.
Of course they are, they yell and carry on because some one, anyone must hear them!
Know this, complainers will never be happy, so tell them to STFU and get to work, read a book or come over here and help me dig up dirt for the tomatoes!
lol again.
Complainers will always find a way to infuriate others because that is the only way they have allowed their mind to ponder.
I wonder if they found one bright light in every sad story they tell if it could become a habit?
I only bring it up because I notice how they all come to talk to me at work and how they need so much.
It is a time of figuring out what we want, what makes us happy and what we can do to make more money.
Stuff and things cost money, good things more..
I know some witches in my etheric circle who are thinking and changing their minds about money, wealth and  what they find precious, what makes them happy. Don't say sex..after that..:)
One dark witch makes potions now and another is reviewing her circle of acquaintances..The way I see this business of crafting is that you must love it, and when it is quiet, you wait and love it. I think that if you make beautiful things with caring intentions, it is like a magnet. You attract what you are!

What are you, what am I?
I am a creature who loves honesty
courage in the face of fear
kindness and beauty
clean life
where the people who I live and work  with cherish me as much as I cherish is hard to love the household all the time, I know, but try..and tell it!
"I love you all, let us eat!"

The whole thing with Saturn making a little transition in space, effects us in a cyclical your teeth may start breaking or your lower back hurts a lot right now..I do not know why it works like that, I only see patterns and tell about it. For Saggitarius, it means facing more reality that seems comfy. For Capricorn, it means pay attention to retched gossip and bad feelings. People love a scapegoat..they love it..make sure you are not it and say it to them.."I am not your scapegoat!"

Saturn makes for organized life.
Focus on what is real and what is important now!
Take this alone time to meditate and stretch out your wings while no one is looking..sing a silly song and do not take your self so seriously (saturn) and let us now enjoy a sunny Spring Day and if you must, go have the sex (Mars)!

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