Saturday, March 5, 2016

I ordered a few oils and there is an asteroid near by

Like I want some plain ol lemony lemon soap, just to refresh a little. I want a lot of lemon not some drop or two nonsense! Lemon is high in vitamin c as well so you get the brightening aspects of this oil as well as the clarifying refreshment.
Eating lemon oil is a lemon if you want to but dang do not have to eat essential oils..oye, at least not all day!
Read more, follow less and it is best, follow some divine plan set forth by a retail marketing expert and loose money on things that will not ever really change you.
Oils do not change you in to a better person. You have to do that on your own. I mean, sure, to even study oils, one is on a path of something, a searching for betterment. One would think..
The lady who came in the other day, bothering me during a very busy time and asking dumb questions about leather essential oil and I got impatient and gave her a few answers because I do not have time for every dumb ass that walks in to explain that one study lesson on google  about leather notes does not have anything to do with aromatherapy. I recommended she buy some books on oils. She bought a bunch of oils, opened them and used them and then brought them all was 400 dollars worth of oils and granted it is not my money but it hurt a little to see something I cherish, being tossed in to the garbage because some dumb ass fuking whore doesn't give a damn about anything good in the first place! The faking puta with the high heels and leather essential oil!
She said her reasons were that I was not helpful enough! Really? You want me to stand there and explain every aspect of why I do not have lilac essential oil, or lily of the valley, or carnation?
There were like 30 people waiting for me to give them that same attention..seriously..some people do not deserve good things, and yet, so it goes..they buy, the return, garbage and waste is not their concern..I will say this..Lebanon, the river of garbage..yea, so it goes..The Pacific Ocean and The Island Of Garbage..yes, it is real..Honduras, garbage. everywhere blowing in the wind. How many Duncan Donuts cups get tossed in sacks on any given day? It is mind boggling! 

Essential oils are precious and if someone cannot even respect them enough to savor what they buy, dude, I do not care for that! It breaks your heart, really and it isn't the money in this case as much as the pure waste of perfectly good organic neroli...
The things I find precious seem right to me and yet, I have been wrong before, but I was wrong about that!:)

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