Friday, March 18, 2016

Winking hello with stuff and thangs

I buy this, ,one time a year and use it up like a pig ess and then, I will  think about it again later in the fall of 2016. Maybe. You know how it goes. I work with what I have and what should be done now not some plan that can never change. :)

Templin fir does not smell like anything I consider to be fir smell. I love Douglass fir and all of them, but with this particular conifer, which in this case, comes from Austria, there is a big difference! It is elegant and sweet and borders sacred oils like myrrh and frankincense. Balsamic sweet, fruity and lends the ability to enjoy a sunrise and a beautiful setting no matter where you are. In this case, this magnificent tree gets to live among splendor in the mountains of Austria. I can imagine wild flowers near by in spring time and in summer and water and small streams throughout. I can.  There must be strength,  from where it came from because these trees can take it and they are part of an organism which has lived on earth for thousands of years, perhaps millions! We are one more than anyone can ever fathom. 
We can only try to understand how profound life is and how we should always cherish each other and behave in a way as if we cherish one another. There must be something, many things,we love besides all the things we love to hate, yes??
Being gracious and being suave at the same time is easy for majestic beings like trees. I will cherish that thought!

I digress, I can and must..:)

This luscious, wonderful, special and rare soap is made with organic coconut oil and a fruity olive oil of my choosing, based on fruitiness and quality. I like full cold pressed oils for pretty much everything.
The added goodness is from the other botanicals like Cambrian blue clay..interesting, expensive as heck and worth every penny for us, frankincense and a whole hunkin dose of cedarwood oil. Hints of vetiver come from a rose charcoal soap mixture which has vetiver oil in it. I only put traces so that sometimes you get a hint of flowers and earthy tone and mostly you get woods, tree, church and me....

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