Sunday, March 6, 2016

Power to the extreme

I love this time of year because it holds promise.
It is inevitable that we will spin and do spin, and we spin around a hot ball of fire and its force pulls us and carries us as we (all) go around a bigger hot ball of something so hot it is black and it pulls anything that gets too is pulling us right now..
It is really a never ending journey and we all have renewed ourselves through our cells in our offspring.  As far a heaven and hell, why worry about that?
Why worry when there are greater real dangers a foot. lol
We have a powerful solar eclipse and an asteroid near by and we are actually powerless about that and it is big. It pulls us, our adrenals get worked up, chemicals rush through our heart and back out.
So why do we worry?

Because like the sparrow, we only know what we know.
There is a quote about the sparrow in the bible about how it does not worry about how it will get food and simply carries on trusting god...
Uh..actually..the sparrow does worry and only worries about how it will get food! True.
Birds take a whole lot of time to build a nest and make it safe so that then and only after they do that do they lay eggs!  Yes, it should have taught that,  "even a tiny sparrow works its ass off!"
 There's a type of sparrow which worries because for what ever evolutionary reason these sparrows,  only live in this one place where there is only tall grass to build a nest and the area floods twice a day because of tides..some little nests do not make it! Oh yes, they worry, and must build the nest high enough to make it through daily flooding..sometimes their eggs roll away and it is over for that little bird momma!
All creatures "worry" about life and setting up the nest for warmth and safety.
It is a beautiful thing with earthlings and probably every other life form out there that is probably like us in some way or another.
Maybe their eyes see more colors or their hearing is more keen.
It is amazing and each thing makes shelter for himself or herself.
I will now clean my shelter, wash my hair and fix up this nest just so. (not in that order)

I will cherish my friends and loved ones
I will not tarry or carry on too much :)
I will not offend any one easily offended
I will think and do and listen and open my mind to lean better
you are my teacher

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