Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Runic Vibes Othala

Happiness and contentment on this full moon for you and all, from me and mine!!
Mine as in my loved one here on this end of the earth where I abide and dwell as good as I can, I am thinking some nice thoughts at the moment,,
I love you, I am sorry, thank you, please forgive me..
Mostly, "thank you".
If you think that you do not have enough for a thank you or that tears will shed the heavy weight of high expectations that never satisfy..well, who am I to say?

I am here to say this, I have been through a whole lot of suffering and tribulations enough to know, that I am way better today than then. Truth!I want to say that again next year and the one after that and not  dwell on what I can't have. I have everything I should ever need now!

Create that all important boundary for yourself, I say. Because you need protection right now at home. Secure your dwelling so that it is safe and happy. Clean, should go without saying..but say it I will!
"that rug is new, please do not drink purple drinks in my house first of all, and second, stay away from the carpets!"

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