Friday, August 5, 2016

just another day

"yea, I am a strong woman! I make all this stuff for my kids and I will not take any shit!"
She was a strong woman, I would not mess with her.
"oh, nice to speak your mind with family."
"that is right, I tell my dad how it is and if that doesn't work, I have three knives on me right now!"
She gave me a look and I smiled. Feeling like, wow..okay.
"That is cool, I love knives!"
In the back of my mind, the alone me, where I can't say what I was thinking..
"dang glad I do not have to fight that chick..dude, I'd be dead.."
Three knives! What do you need a knife in the grocery store for? I have a couple of  knives in the car and one in my bag..just in case I need to cut a pear or a cheesecake.

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