Friday, August 26, 2016

one at a time new moon excite new moon unite new moon make right Virgo Virgo clean and tight

That is how I do soap orders because I do not have a proper label machine or what ever.
Yes, I can order labels that stick because now there are all sorts of templates. Then what, am I supposed to be committed to a blend for like a year? See, it is me, not the labels! A year? Who has that much rose?? May hap me, someday!

Am I getting slower? A little. Still, my hands are where it's at!
I am getting slow in different ways than my parents.
Where my parents (The fukin greeks who I love) can't fathom working the internet, I can at least browse and what not..Me? Look, I am having a problem with the whole gender thing. I hope every one is happy but now that you are a boy and not a girl even tho you're born a girl or the other way when the "gay" means you get to be more silly, irresponsible and  get to be playful than others...I feel like we create who we are more than ever.

Personally, I am okay with people being what they want, "follow your dreams", I say...I hear my peers talking and it is very hard for therm.."these kids today!!"
Yes, they used to say that about us and our bell bottoms and halter tops and long hair, what a big deal that was! People were beaten hard for that hair. Fakin Puritans!

Oh and you know who invented the "scape goat"?
Everybody, that is who.
We love to add shame or blame on others. Somehow we feel better about all the awfulness about our selves and we carry one blaming, revenging and maybe even making gaps in friendships too big to fill again.
Don't burn all your bridges..yes, still tho, you do not have to walk on them exclusively..find other ways to satisfy your needs. Like being quiet and being happy inside, without your phone or the likes on your facebook.
Then again, it is very exciting when people like your stuff in the instagram, yea?

Yea, I only do an order one at a time. They are all so special to me. Each thing my hands touch should be for all the good not some silly drama that has us in hand cuffs begging for the next thing, when it was in our own hands all along.

The next new moon is a biggie!
I do think so.

Virgo Virgo wonder man
Virgo Virgo amazing woman...
these energies are the best
they put us to the test
we make it look easy
we bring class and a little bit cheesy
you're cheesy
now, clean up this mess

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