Thursday, August 4, 2016

strange things and business

I have had three glorious days off until yesterday afternoon when a local gal got all like what do you mean, what do you mean and then she said what do you mean..
so I dealt with it like I deal with everyone who texts me too much with  questions. I did not answer the last one.
You know what my bestie does when I do not answer? She calls me back and I tell her why and she is like, "you never have to tell me why"
She does not send text after text after text..seriously, I have a web site so you can order, this whole 'how much do I owe you" I am not a street vendor trying to make deals! Bring cash to my house if you want products. I say this to everyone. Do not get mad if I run out of something I am supposed to hold for you. This is a business, order it on line. Do it. Break away from the bonds of the checkbook. Get yourself a prepaid card and some more freedom so you do not have to wait for me to make time. That is why I made the web site. there are good prices there. You do not have to order the old whore, oh wait, "nothing with patchouli", you that there puts me uneasy. It is like saying you hate onions or garlic or celery! WTF? That is the trio in all soup. You think your bottled water is gonna save you? I hope so..but no one is safe. You are gonna are. I am going to die. No more kid stuff! is what I mean to convey. Not that I want  you to die! I want you to be happy. It is hard to be happy.
It is aromatherapy, you value it, you want it, you study it, you care about its constituents..they are like mini saints all over the place actually protecting you.
My friends, my mom, they know, when I say, "oh mom, the power went out and I am not home"
"no worries" "are you okay?" They do not say, "what do you mean?"

Yea..I can't be mad, I can't! Everything is so good, just so wonderful in my life. I love it!
My loved ones, my friends, the real ones, the ones I can talk to..and be me..the busy, tired me..
My bestie..she is fakin cool..
Yea she is, my heart and my mind flourish when she is near and we don't even live close. I know I can be myself, which is busy bitches, faking busy and tired and I am not always able to answer texts or conversations about my schedule and times.."oye!!"

You see, for some reason, I attract people who are a little bit broken. A little bit. It is the business in which I work. Health Supplements and their uses. The people that get close to me are the ones that come  to the vitamin apothecary in the first place I know this. I extend myself as far as I can when they are hurting and have issues with cancer. It is heavy sometimes. They want to get close to the vibrant healthy light that you are. I get that.
Yogananda used to say that there are spirits lurking from past lives all over the place, that is what ghosts are..He also said that ghosts and bad thoughts are what "that all" is! Thoughts do travel hard and long. We make that happen. Look at how long we take something at face value and nurture it and belong to it and it helps us and hates everything bad against us..not just the bad, okay, but everything bad against us..that there little idea is what creates tribes and weapons to protect our women and our children. They fought then too and we will fight now as hard as we can..
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Where am I going with this?
Yes, I tried to wake up mad about the world. I am!

"Jesus and Himmel woman and Shiva and fakin the one who is supposed to be still on the mountain blessing all the Indian people in to higher consciousness..
someone was stabbed yesterday, someone was blown up, someone's baby died because your god's thugs killed all the babies in the night, someone's heart was broken yet again and you cry because Anastasia, is too busy to make time for you?"

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