Sunday, August 14, 2016


that is me
My little grandson, he calls me that.
Listen, all I am going to say, is that I  am smitten and have changed :)
that is what your children's children do to you.
Maybe I love babies?
 Sweeties all and I love all of them. They come in the store, the young gals with the babes.
My boy came to the store. He walked the whole thing and you have to follow him. he knows orange and cat in Greek and yiayi, that is me. I bought him a puzzle and he was fine about leaving. He does'nt like to leave me. No one does. You know that. I wonder why. I am lazy you know. I will rather make him mud pies than teach him orange...he knows lavender and he knows tomato and he knows orange pumpkin because one thing about yia yi is that is she  shows up. She holds your hand if you want and she will say "no" if she must. He knows pumpkin but good.
I counted 8 so far out there growing. yea...yea...yea..
it is always  something you can grin about and then go about and do your thing

Even when I say "no", I am still with you...that is real love baby!

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