Tuesday, August 16, 2016

the lady from france

She was the first one I thought of when I woke up. That was weird so I know i would see her soon or i was just mentally wishing her well which I was, because she thinks I am special and she thinks she loves me. I do have these hands you see. They are all hurting. The people.

"Omg, I was just thinking of you all of a sudden this morning"
"me too, I saw myself at your house, your hands, woman, your hands!"
"are you okay?"
"yes, yes, I just need you to fix me"

Yesterday, I am selling stuff and thangs to Delvin a guy who just got married and the wife, already on the phone telling him to buy 2000 milligrams of b complex and insisting she got it at our store..yea...no, she did not.

complaix, I am complaix.. lol

anyhow we explained to him that the b's don't come that way, that some of them do not even make 1 milligram let alone 2000 for each one..dude, you'll die!

He was so happy he spent a lot of money on things for himself and then as he is leaving, he turns around and says, "anastasia, can you just touch me here and see what is up?"

Of course I buried my  strong hands in his trapesius and it was good..what? I can't say, "no"..

"you need your own practice.."
They tell me that..naw..fist off, they wouldn't come. people say they will come, but they do not. That is why naturalpaths are not rich..everyone is getting by while the man keeps making more money to get his face on the telly and brainwash us in to wanting things that he wants us to want  and then our neck hurts from having to hold our fat heads up  for so long with nothing more in them but fake dreams and wonder lust..and who is the best swimmer..I personally don't care who can swim the fastest unless he comes over here and builds me an oven and brings cash..ha ha ha ha, loads of  cash...

Clear that brain and think more on what is and has been real not fairy tales.

I love mythology, I know it reflects what we are but remember the dragons and beasts we fight in myths are really our horrid thoughts..jealousy, greed, petty annoyances, being so high on yourself that you are confused and act brave in the face of too simple challenges  and then the big ones leave you stunned to where you are back down to earth..of course you are..we all are.

I feel like a massage table is what I should have next tho.


  1. Massage table sounds perfecto. Sign me up as your first customer.

  2. Massage table sounds perfecto. Sign me up as your first customer.