Saturday, August 6, 2016

roasting banana skins now

So I bought the ingredients to make the black soap and maybe, maybe, I will begin the process of scenting a heavy duty amazing soap.
I said shea butter for sure but I am talking oils.

I have templin fir
I only have a little bit birch (not tar)
balsam fir
syrup made with those and then infused with the tobacco flowers I have been drying.
Maybe, we are gonna freak out, maybe it will be "just" soap
I have oakmoss
sage that awesome Greek one from Eden..mmmmmm
I have a little myrrh that kicks fucking ass!

"All this in a black soap?
"You have made a black soap before, it was a pastey mess."

It really was, Everybody loved it. I sold every sliver.

You know what is good about this second time? I have that vita mix and I am going to make powdered banana peel of the most powderest powder ever. More than a mortar and pestle, I say!

There are many black soaps out there, I know. Maybe each one is special because of what you add to it. Like, if all you have is coconut skins, you'll burn them to make charcoal because charcoal is good for everything. You can clean your teeth, hair, your face. Its ph or whatever is perfect and why black makes brighter? It has everything to do with atoms, that I know and we're burning up to burn them skins.

You know the ones I don't care for? The ones that say perfume or fragrance with essential oils and there is not a drop..only words. Why, why do they need to lie to the people who give them money?

Oh, the vetiver I  just bought, is so thick and buttery that I will put it in the batch for sure. I think I need more balsam fir too.

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