Saturday, August 20, 2016

we all come from the goddess

and to her we will return..oh yea,

Today, I added to the song :) my body, my meat suit will rot and I will become dust, what was one time my bones which carried me will be but dust..made up of smaller and smaller particulates, silica, calcium, magnesium, phos..yea oh the stars and the heavens..we are one and my mind is me, your inner mind is you and I hope that your thoughts are as thriving and fruitful..confidential and full of confidence..

I used to sing that all day when I thought I was in touch with my feminine side, my witch side, my power, my inner power.
One day someone who hated witches, asked me, "what is your inner power anyway?"
He spoke in such disdain and anger that I would classify my inner power by some other no white creed or non Jesus related rule book.
I answered that it was something inside that gave confidence and real comfort in ones own head space..inner power.
I remember saying that in such poise and calmatude. I was a runner and martial artist and could still kick ass and still enjoyed debate. I was so intrigued by the actual workings of things and the why and how of things and the lies just kept on in the outside world as they still do.

 Karma, free will what ever guilt thing we devise for our mistakes..I think those things are the makers and drainers of ones confidence juice. I call it juice because as soon as you freak out about something, you spew chemicals that makes it all loose ground..cortisol attacks and it all rushes in the gut, the stomach..which is where all reality happens and why you live.
Confidence is something so interesting to me because I can tell when I have it and also when I am weak or sad.

I still get nervous when I see many emails after I send soap to my customers.
I worry and fret because maybe it is not what they expected or not rosy enough or my other errors in the soap business. Can it ever really be rosy enough? I do not think so not any day!
I hope that they understand how lovely and amazing their products are because essential oils are the best thing ever for thinking stuff through. Anyone who uses frankincense oil is sure to consider life's wonderment in other areas of his life. It is magic in its magnificent reality, its recipe.

Inner power..why, why do we witches crave its renewing and cleansing effects?
I would say that is where "will" comes in. Not fuking "free will"

Nothing is free if it comes with an ultimatum. That is manipulation, not free will..

I  always wonder how a mind can lie to itself all day and then someone will say to me, "yea, but free, will, god gives you free will!"
"He does does he?"
Nothing is free if there is an ultimatum and friends and lovers, there is always a price to happiness.
Yes there is. Nothing comes without effort. And if you don't believe me, look at the ragged drunks in the streets sometime, in the city, and then ask why, why spend all day grieving and being angry and hating..those are prices you pay for the lack..
wait, I was on inner power and confidence!
It really does all fit together in my confident mind.

I will take this full moon to expose myself to me..
To hold myself to a higher calling of something which gives me personally, more confidence, more also an ability to reason in a calm and thoughtful way and resting, I will love the resting.

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