Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I am so excited! Fall skin treatments and more!

I bought a gallon of natural Mango Butter and another one called Sal and I am going to mix them with the shea butter and some natural raspberry seed oil along with cold pressed fresh avocado oil. It will be nice, the next butter blend, because it will not only make your skin feel amazing, it will also nurish and radiate healing all around and that kind of lovin' should smell great as well.

shea butter
mango butter
sal butter
raspberry seed oil
avocado seed oil

now then, what should we smell like? 35 fold vanilla that I just bought?
Okay, 35 fold vanilla, natural, advanced and tenacious with intense fruity vanilla flavor. Yes!
Should I make her more about Lilith and less about sweetness? I will babies, I will, I will add ylang ylang extra and maybe an orange blossom or two drops..

Now we wait, we wait for the delivery..deep breath, yea, life, is fine, so much the better and so much the safe and so much the indulgence that radiates with higher journeys through our time together..

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