Sunday, August 21, 2016

I went to a garden party to my cousins house and more zombie tales from walking dead

dude! What a a nice regular suburb house and then in the back, awesome..closed off with tall cypress and has path ways and a fenced nice pool and a freaking perfect little house like a mini with everything including a fire place and by the wow!
Who does that? People with loads of money? I am sure that is a start but I think my cousin Johnny is a genius who really put out the effort to make what he made. He said he did it through time. I hadn't seen him since 2009 or something.

I felt like it was wonderful to be around someone who put in the time and made something great.
Yes it was the perfect patio and natural cypress fence but it was perfect. Like he had these fat grapes all over one of the bushes and I was like, "who grows grapes like this? The were so good! I wonder if they were GMO grapes? ha haha
( do they GMO garden grapes?)
Who are these, "they"?

ha ha ha
Anyhow I had a nice time with all The Greeks! We went we came home I watched was perfect!
Remember when Rick got pissed after he told Lori that he had to kill Shane and she pulled away? The whore!
She says she really loves you and then she thinks she gets to be mad..He told her how he really feels and if she cared for him she would have embraced him not flaunted her love for another man in  his fucking face. She is a little gross, Lori is! And what a sordid mess with getting pregnant with in weeks of your husbands death.

 This is why friends, we must put in the good time not the "good times" when it counts which is every day, you find your love and you take care of that by sharing by talking by not being mad about their ideas by really having sex till you cry and by having a real friend always with no guilt secrets.

Rick, though...
After the farm, he took over. Someone had to. he did not make the zombies happen, shooting Shane..yes, they turned around..sigh...
Remember how he just let it all out and they finally got it in their heads that they were not ever gong to be safe and he was a boss! I love him and I hope he finds his bossness in the next few episodes. He looked really scared in that last scene with Negan, but Rick will figure it out. He has been too relaxed and the night killing of Negan's men was not well thought out. This shows that he is not a saint..we should not want that from him. is he loyal? Is is protective? okay okay, his thing with Jesse was creepy, it was..fuk off if you're  married unfulfilled whore! You don't cut a mans hair like that!
ha ha

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